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Im a Wellness and Vegan Coach in Encinitas, CA.

I’m also the Southwest Food & Nutrition Coordinator for The Humane Society of the United States, helping to get plant-based foods into schools, colleges and hospitals. 

I love helping people achieve optimum health in body mind and spirit, while saving animals with compassionate food choices.

When I was younger I struggled with exercise addiction and was either under eating or overeating. I gained 20 lbs after college within six months, due to emotional eating, while I was still doing daily cardio and weight training. 

Then yoga found me and transformed my life on every level.  It helped me lose the weight and replaced my internal war with BALANCE. Yoga, combined with meditation, also helped me to love and treat myself better. These mindfulness practices can help you too!

I have taught Ashtanga Yoga since 1997 and was a yoga studio owner in Kansas City, MO for 16 years. 

Yoga taught me to see the Divine in all living beings and the practice of “ahimsa” non-harming.

I became vegan in 2002 after listening to a talk by Ohio Congressman, Dennis Kucinich. He spoke about how the book,  “Diet for a New America,” by John Robbins, alleviated his health problems. I was suffering from allergies, asthma and acne and was using my inhaler WAY too much. My doctors had never asked me the four magical words, “What are you eating?”

Once I became vegan, I experienced immediate relief from these ailments and was able to get off my daily inhaler and allergy medicine. My skin cleared up within a week. Once I learned about the cruelty of the dairy, veal and egg industries, I became vegan for ethical and spiritual reasons as well. 

When I met my husband, Wade, in a yoga class in 2007, and he was miraculously vegan!  We had a vegan wedding in Santa Monica with our Kansas and Wisconsin relatives and everyone loved the food, especially the cake!  




















Contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION and let me know how I can support you in your wellness journey: kathleen@kathleenkastner.com.

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Peace to you and all beings.

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