Vegan Purses, Boots and Slippers- Cruelty-Free!

I’m in LOVE with these vegan purses by Buddha Bags!  They sell them on Amazon, Dillards and Nordstroms.

I’m on my second purse and am getting lots of compliments on it.   It’s the middle bag listed below, but in bone (cream color). I love their wallets as well.

Click here for a large selection on amazon: Click link

an tote bags - Vegan Purses, Boots and Slippers






After years of wearing Ugg boots and clogs, I was clueless to the cruelty involved in the sheering and killing of the sheep.

I gave them all away and have vowed to only buy cruelty-free boots.

Thank goodness this company in Southern California, PAWJ has come up with an array of beautiful  vegan boots! Click here

boots-stacked1- Vegan Purses, Boots and Slippers











Vegan Slippers on Amazon, very comfy! Click here

Vegan Purses, Boots and Slippers









Thank you for saving animals with your lifestyle choices!

Xo Kathleen