Kicking Caffeine

As I began to tune into my body and provide it with what it really wanted – fresh, whole, real, unprocessed foods, sleep, relaxation, and the time to enjoy the life I had created for myself and my family – I was able to break up with coffee and make up with my health.”- Dr. Mark Hyman M.D.

I drank coffee for 20 years. I thought it was my best friend in times of joy and sadness. I was in denial that caffeine wasn’t my friend at all. It caused heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, stressed adrenals, blood sugar crashes, sugar cravings, dark circles under my eyes, acne, moodiness and disturbed sleep. Looking back, I realize I was more addicted to the ritual of something warm, sweet and nurturing in my mug, than the caffeine itself. 

Here are some tips to going caffeine-free to help you have that nurturing yummy experience, without the caffeine highs and lows.

Listen to your body, if it needs rest, take a nap or get more sleep at night. If you get sleepy at work and can’t lie die, try going for a quick walk around the office or preferably outside. 

Teecino French Roast Herbal Coffee:  My clients love these granules made from carob, barley and chicory root. You put in your coffee maker, just like real coffee! There are other flavors to chose from as well: click here for link

Gypsy Tea Fireside Chai:  I order it by the case from Amazon!

click here for link

Fill you favorite mug with 3/4 water and steep it in a pot for 5 minutes. Add Silk Vanilla soy to the pot and steep for a few more minutes. Top with cinnamon and enjoy!

Yogi Tea Rooibos Chai: Add vanilla soy and cinnamon as well. Located at Whole Foods or other health food stores.

There are also many delicious plant based creamers to add to your coffee substitutes, by So Delicious and Silk.

Cheers to a healthy new you!