I was introduced to The Emotion Code, founded by Chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson, while I was healing from a herniated disc. 

I knew my injury was more than just physical and my friend suggested I watch the documentary, E-Motion, which talks about how our trapped emotions/energies cause pain, illness, depression, anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts. Dr Brad was featured in the movie and I was immediately drawn to his authenticity and faith in God. 

“Those symptoms are the body crying that there’s something wrong here.” Dr Bradley Nelson

Please watch the trailer:

After watching the movie, I read Dr Brad’s book, The Emotion Code, listened to his free online webinars and attended his live workshop in Vegas. After three days of being a student with him, I knew I wanted to become an Emotion Code practitioner. I love helping people and animals release trapped emotions so they can live fully and freely in their lives. 

Here are some testimonials from my clients:

“Through her amazing skills and application of the Emotion Code technique, Kathleen identified some underlying emotions that may have been impeding my recovery from a bad fall.  Her insights were absolutely right on and made perfect sense. I feel I have been given a renewed sense of motivation and more specific direction to holistically continue my healing journey, both emotionally and physically.”  -June S. San Diego, CA

“Kathleen identified current issues of heartache that I was struggling with and as she placed her attention on healing this space I felt my chest well up with emotion and then release. I have been noticeably light-hearted since. In addition, I was experiencing IT band pain in both hips, which was making it hard for me to sleep. After our session, I remarkably, woke up the next morning with ZERO pain in my hips.  I’ve even done some exercise since then that normally would aggravate the pain but have not had any hip pain since our session last week.  I highly recommend this process!” -Samantha Collinson Kansas City, MO

I am sleeping deeply again. I think this is a huge improvement because I wasn’t sleeping at all for many months. After my Emotion Code session, I feel a lot more calmer and not hyper (like I used to), I also feel that my caffeine addiction has significantly gone down. I am happy and so glad to have found you!”  -Akanksha, India

“I had chronic debilitating pain in my big toe joint for 14 years. After working with Kathleen, I was able to associate the emotions that were literally stuck in my big toe. The next day after our session, I felt freedom and lack of stinging nerve pain. This helped me begin working on getting more range of motion in the joint. I highly recommend working with Kathleen.”  -Gwen Hull, Kansas City, MO

“I forgave myself from past shame, guilt and anger, things I never knew I was able to to. Anxiety has been my issue for as long as I can remember, and little by little I feel it chipping away. My heart has never felt so open to giving and receiving love. Such a simple thought of forgiveness, but without Kathleen and the Emotion Code, I would have never been able to do it.” – Kyra Weinberger, Kansas City, MO. 

The Emotion Code can be used to help with the following areas:

Health, weight loss, pain, depression, anxiety, addictions, career and relationships. It uses muscles testing to access trapped emotions in the subconscious mind. 

I’m also certified in Reiki II if you are needing energy work. 

I charge $50 for a 30 minute session which can be done in person, over the phone or by proxy long distance. 

I would love the opportunity to help you and your pets!