Have you tried every diet and are still feeling frustrated?

Do you need help with healthy eating to lose weight or improve a health condition?

As your coach, I will EMPOWER you in adopting a healthy lifestyle permanently, so you can finally have the body you desire and look and feel amazing!

Through weekly one-on-one session, I’ll help you set goals and support you in reaching your destination on your wellness journey. The length of time we work together, will be determined by your goals. I like to work with people for a minimum of three months. 

These session are all about YOU and being happy and healthy in all areas of your life!

I am available to help you with with your wellness needs such as:

Weight Loss

Adopting a Vegan Diet

Meal Planning

Gluten-free Diets

Quitting Caffeine & Alcohol

Exercise Addiction



If you are feeling stuck and need support, contact me for a  FREE Consultation: kathleen@kathleenkastner.com



Kathleen changed my life! I was a struggling wannabe-vegan facing issues like eating out at restaurants, and not knowing how to balance my diet, or make the plant-based lifestyle work for me. Kathleen was so generous with her wisdom and is the perfect coach, giving gentle encouragement and providing firm personal action plans to follow. She took me from struggling to thriving! Kathleen is a fabulous coach and a great role model, and I recommend her to anyone looking to move to a plant-based diet.” – Dr. Marilyn Kroplick, President of In Defense of Animals 

I am so grateful to Kathleen for helping me not only obtain my weight loss goals but exceed AND maintain them.  I needed to lose ten pounds and ended up losing 12 (I am 5’2”). Even though I was already vegan – I was eating terribly, not getting enough sleep and lacked motivation to do anything physical – even my beloved yoga practice.  I read Kathleen’s amazing book – “Yoga’s Path to Weight Loss” -which is  literally changed my outlook – so I knew I had to reach out to her.  Kathleen gives you the tools you need to change your lifestyle.  Weight loss is not a temporary fix – to maintain your goals and look and feel great, you need to change your lifestyle for the better.  Kathleen introduced me to the beautiful and transformative practice of Ashtanga yoga.   It’s not an easy practice – I struggled to keep  up and make it part of my routine – but once I embraced it fully – it helped me keep motivated and gave me the energy I was lacking.  Kathleen also recommended meal changes and recipes that were both delicious yet helped me lose weight —and save money!  I was throwing money away on food because I was too lazy to break my bad habits of relying on restaurants rather than cook for myself.  If you find yourself feeling the same way I did or simply want to jump-start a healthy routine – reach out to Kathleen today.  Working with her was the best thing I ever did and I am eternally grateful to her.” –Michelle Benedict N.J

Kathleen offers emotional, practical, and physical motivation, along with regular check-ins for accountability, to keep you focused, on track, and successful in achieving whatever your goals may be. If she’s helping you, you have no excuse!”– MM

“I really love food and finding satisfying ways to healthfully enjoy food while daily staying the course has been my challenge. Kathleen has encouraged me to find healthy ways of eating by keeping a food diary, and analyzing it to improve my awareness and mindfulness towards the food, my eating patterns and habits. By increasing my awareness and making healthier choices, I lost eight pounds in the first month.” -Jenny Lindblom, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so weight gain is a problem for me and weight loss is extremely difficult for me. PCOS comes with a long list of hormonal imbalances that all end up at the same spot: zero metabolism. It is possible to lose weight, but it involves more work than any one person is ever interested in investing. With Kathleen’s Ashtanga yoga classes and encouragement, I was able to lose 100 pounds over the course of a year. It wasn’t easy, but she always kept me motivated to keep going, which was instrumental in me finally reaching my weight-loss goals!” -Lauren Chiodo-Benmuvhar, San Antonio, TX.

If you are feeling stuck and need support, contact me for a  FREE Consultation: kathleen@kathleenkastner.com

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